Autumn 2017

Autumn Nursery


In English in Nursery they have been reading the enjoyable book of Goldilocks and the three bears .They have been reading one book each week .In Nursery their topic in English is learning about baby’s and have been bringing in pictures of when they were babies .They have also seen baby Jenny Mrs Whitfield’s daughter while doing that they have also been learning about growing up. Nursery have been learning how to write their names in literacy and have started a new topic about autumn .They have been learning about advent and how to brush their teeth and have been reading a book called peace at last. Also for advent they have been counting the candles on the advent Reith


In maths the Nursery children have been learning how to recognise 2Dshapes and learning their numbers. They have also had shape hunts.

Come and see

In the fascinating subject of Come and See Nursery  have been learning that God loves them no matter what they do and that they are special .They have been learning about Baptism and have been welcoming a teddy.  Nursery have also had a liturgy and been learning the songs very well.


Nursery have been throwing and catching balls as well as dancing and climbing the frame in the nursery playground. They have been dancing once a week and have loved it.



Shay said he loves and enjoys his topics in Nursery. Phoebe said she likes doing unicorn hand prints with Miss Brady, also she loves playing with sand and playdoah she is really settling in and she made a friend called Ava. Ava loves playing with the water and also the sand. Bobbi and Reggie said they love colouring. Olivia also loves colouring. Reggie said he loves dressing up and when got his face paint for the Halloween disco. Beatress has been playing with the teddies her favourite one is Peppa Pig.


Nursery  have been making poppies for the people in the war who died in the World War Two. Nursery have been making and learning how to make raps which most of them could do very well . They have also been learning about body parts and how they work. Also they been practising there songs for the nativity play. Also they have been learning about Hanukah.