Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017 Year 1



In topic, Year 1 have been learning about London and the queen. They also were learning about England, Ireland, Scotland and whales. They have been doing all about country all around the world and mostly London. Also London land marks! They have been learning about one of England’s most known story’s the great fire of London.    


They have been doing phonics. Francesca said she enjoys doing letters and sounds. Also they were writing instructions for Gruffalo crumble which they really loved!


In art they have been drawing the queen. Year 1 have liked doing Christmas cards. Alice loved doing art because it’s really creative.                                                                        


They were grouping numbers. They were doing number bonds and adding. The have been learning different ways to calculate and solve problems this term.


They have been learning about the country side. Also doing things with materials.


Year 1 have been making a night prayer. Also they have been learning about families and how the Church is also a family.


The year 1’s have been learning to log on and off. Year 1 have been using different computer programs and learning about how to stay safe every time they go online.


They have been learning to sing London’s burning! The children have been listening to different tunes of music. Year One learn new songs with Mr Beaumont every week and hymns for Mass.


In their topic in P.E they have been doing gym and football. This week they were catching rugby balls.