Autumn 2017

Year 5                                Web watchers                                Autumn 1  2017


Literacy and Topic

In Year 5 their topic is Ancient Egypt. One of the things they enjoyed was making ancient jewellery out of pasta and some coloured paint. They are also going to build pyramids that can fit people inside of them.



Year 5 have enjoyed Column addition in maths. They have been asking very interesting questions and finding out how to use the column addition method. The Year 5s have started doing 2D shape angles.


In science Year 5 have a new topic called “why does milk go off?” They will also be doing some experiments with the milk and finding out which milk goes off first.



Year 5’s first topic is “Who am I?” Laura said “I enjoyed when we got to write words to describe ourselves in love hearts!”



In PE year 5 have been doing tag rugby. They also have been doing Egyptian dances linking to their topic “Egyptians”.


Star Of The week


House: Bede


Autumn 2      year 5       web watchers



Year 5

Autumn 2 2017

Web Watchers



In topic year 5 have been learning about different myths and legends. They really enjoyed learning about this because it was fun to learn about different things.



Year 5 have been making many things in art such as: Pharaoh Necklace making, Designing/ making pyramids and head dresses.


In maths Year 5 have been learning about times and divide in different methods. Joshua said” I enjoyed learning about times and divide because they are challenging but you can eventually get the hang of it.”  Alex said” I really liked learning about times and divide because it is quite easy but they can still be a challenge.” Year Five have been learning about 2D shapes and shape transitions Rose said “we did shape transitions in Year Four and I really enjoyed it so I’m glad I get to do it in Year Five”



In R.E they have been finishing off their life choices topic which they had already started. Year 5 have also been starting their new topic Judaism. Year Five have been making wedding cards for people who have been married in their family and Chloe said she ”loves art and she loves making cards”