Autumn 2017

Year Six


Autumn term 1


We have been aiming to write stories with a balance of dialogue and description. In SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) we have been doing subordinate clauses. This week Year 6 have been concentrating on regular and irregular past tense verbs. They have really enjoyed it. This week in SPAG year six have been concentrating on subordinating and coordinating conjunctions.


In maths Year Six have been doing long multiplication methods and using formal methods to add and subtract. In Year Six we have been doing long multiplication. Year 6 have been adding and subtracting mixed numbers.     


Our new topic is A CHILDS WAR, it is all about World War 2.

After the one week half term Year Six came back to school and started their new topic BLOOD HEART.



In P.E we have been doing tag rugby with Mr Peacock.


In ICT Year 6 are learning all about different apps and are planning to make their own app. Their topic is called I am an app designer. This lesson is being taught by Mr Lynn.

General things that happen Year six

In Year Six we have been rehearsing for our buddies and playing with our buddies

Year Six are going to Robin Wood. “We are all very excited”

Comments from year 6

Lilly said that she is really enjoying the SPAG lessons.