Autumn 2017

Autumn 2017 Year 4


In topic this term Year 4 have been learning about the layers of the ocean. They made DT box aquariums with shoe boxes. They made them with paint, felt tips, strings and cardboard to paint on. They also made tourist information posters for Robin Hoods Bay.  



In science year 4 have been doing natural habitats and living things they have been loving it a lot. This week they have been learning about the classification tree. This week the topic has been different substances. In science they have been investigating river pollution.   



Year Four have been learning about Jesus’s family tree and then have written about their own families and have created their own family trees. They are this week learning about Jesus calling his apostles.  



In P.E Year Four have been learning how to play tag rugby for a competition coming up. They love learning about what sport is all about and that you have to play fairly. 



Year 4 have been writing reports about the blue abyss and they enjoy it very much..



In maths Year 4 they have been learning about column addition and they are working very hard on it. They did it using the Do ,Think, Explain and Solve method. 


In music Year 4 have been practising the songs for their blue abyss assembly


In I.C.T Scratch is the topic and they have made little games and scenes about the topic. They have enjoyed a couple of lessons focusing on Scratch so they can finish it. They have loved it.