Autumn 2018

 Autumn 2018


This term in Year 6, they have been learning how to write excellent non-chronological reports and at the same time have mixed it with their history topic, learning about Anne Franke and they have been really enjoying this genre. Mrs Stoker is very pleased. Year 6 are learning about setting descriptions set in the 1940s Wartime Britain. They are also learning figurative language which they have really enjoyed.



In numeracy, Year Six are learning about fractions and they are enjoying these lessons and Mrs. Stoker is very happy with the efforts of her class. They are focusing on decimals and dividing by 10 100 and 1,000. Year 6 have been learning new ways to make calculations and reinforcing their previous learning.   



The Journey through Time topic has been a great way for Year Six to learn about our British history. As part of this topic Year 6 have been remembering all of the people in who lived through the WW1. They all said they were enjoying this topic. Year 6 have also learned about drugs and the dangers of such.



Year Six have been doing multi-sports with Mr. Peacock, experiencing a range of sports to suit all tastes. Year 6 feel it’s nice to get out and enjoy getting fit.



They have been designing their own smartphone/tablet apps. First they looked at apps that already exist and then as part of a team, decided upon what apps might be something that people might want. Following that they needed to design the apps and do some market research. It is a fun way to learn computing skills.



Year 6 have been thinking about their beliefs and using scripture to help them to understand why believers act in the way that they do



Year 6 had a great visit to the panto as a Christmas treat.