Autumn 2018

Autumn 2018


Year 5 have been writing newspaper reports about the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb and also including direct speech and reported speech. They have also been writing play scripts about The Egyptian Cinderella. 



In Numeracy Year 5 have been learning about factors, multiples, prime numbers, multiplication and division. They have also been calculating perimeter including missing measurements that they had to work hard and find out what it was.



In Science, Year 5 have been experimenting what materials are soluble and insoluble. In Topic they have been learning the mummification steps and also getting into groups to mummify someone and make it hold as if they were actual mummies. In Topic, Year 5 have been researching Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, plus they have been writing about them. They have also been investigating irreversible changes and how they happen.



In PE year 5 have been mastering their skills in gymnastics and tennis. Year 5 have been demonstrating balances and travelling in different, unique ways.



Year 5 have been enjoying ICT, using it to support lots of subjects, and covering explicit computing topics such as ‘We are cryptographers’ where the children have been looking at different types of cyphers and codes such as Morse code and semaphore. They have had to make and crack codes to send and read messages between each other.



In RE year 5 have been learning about life choices and making their own litanies about our school rules. They have also been writing about the actions Christians make during Advent and showing an understanding of their beliefs. They have been writing our own class Collective Worship liturgies, which they enjoy.



Year 5 had a fabulous trip to York Castle which supported their ‘Journey Through Time’ topic.


Pupil quotes

Austin and his friends ‘really enjoyed mummifying each other because it was lots of fun.’