Autumn 2018


Year 4


Year 4 have been learning about how to write a variety of writing genre’s including non-chronological reports, story writing, information texts, poetry, instructions and newspaper reports .They have pulled right back in time to discover how life was so unfair in the Roman times, writing reports in their books and in multimedia presentations covering the Viking and Anglo-Saxon invasions.



In maths Year 4 have enjoyed learning new ways to tackle adding and taking away, binging them to a whole new level. They did exactly that and working with 4 digit numbers! Year 4 have also been learning how to multiply and divide with counters and also using algorithms. Year 4 have also been getting to grips with place value and measuring length.


In Topic Year have discovered the world of animals and their strange but unique qualities. In science they have learnt about the food chain of animals and humans. Also what you need to be a healthy person or animal. Year 4 can now talk about how the digestive system works and how sound travels. The children liked doing experiments with sound and found it fun using the decibel meter to measure sound. They did an experiment to see how liquids might affect our teeth, making predictions and conclusions.


In PE year 4 have been doing not a normal dance, but a Roman warrior dance to music, changing their actions in line with the mood of the music. They have told the story, through dance, of a Roman legion resting at camp, to weapons training, then marching to battle, fighting, then the aftermath. ‘We loved it’ said Lilly.


In ICT Year 4 have explored the internet and how it works. Year 4 recognise how to be safe online and how the world wide web operates. Year 4 often use technology to support other subjects, such as science using iPad to measure sound. They created some fantastic Christmas cards on the computer and some lovely calendars for their families to cherish. ‘We like going into the ICT suite to work’ said one Y4 child. Everyone agreed!



In RE year 4 have learnt how to cleanse their sins by using the sacrament of confirmation. They have investigated the family tree of Jesus and have begun to make links with their own lives and the teachings of scripture. The topic before Christmas was Advent. This is a time that Year 4 recognise as one where we are waiting and preparing for Jesus coming again. The children are getting better and better at remembering Bible stories. Year 4 often go outside to Bernie’s Base or the outside classroom to enjoy Collective Worship, where they can enjoy God’s wonderful creation.


Mrs Cutler came today and led the class to do a lovely collective worship.

Year 4 loved their educational trip to Jorvik in York and also went on the Roman walls there. They learned so much about our local history and the trip was extra exciting because “The bus broke down and we needed another bus to rescue us.”

Pupil quotes

One excited Year 4 said ‘In a few weeks year 4 will be going to Jorvic in York to discover about the Vikings’.

Stars of the Week

Well done to Autumn and Lilly for being a few of the stars of the week.