Autumn 2018


Autumn 2018


In literacy, Year 3 have been learning about the Greek myth based on Odysseus and the Cyclops and have been learning how to make a Stone Age fruit salad. They have also been enjoying writing up a story opener of a haunted house.



This week, Year 3 have been learning about column adding and subtracting and how to exchange numbers. They also have been intelligently learning about how to do their 3 and 4 times tables.    



They have also been learning about plants and how water is transported with food colouring. This week they have been eating yucky food and drawing cave paintings.



In PE Year 3 have been enjoying doing gymnastics and taking out the mats to do any moves they can! This week the Year 3s have been doing different moves; back support, front support, tucks, straddle, strait and  V sit.


Year 3 have been practising keyboard skills and making projects on scratch; making a sprite move in all directions! This week they have also been using key skills to design their calendars using publisher.



In RE Year 3 have been enjoying and learning about Judaism Bar Mitzvah and Passover. Year Threes new topic is visitors, and have been learning about The Annunciation.



Year 3 have been planting daffodils with Mr Leyland and Mr Blackburn was the teacher instead of Mrs Smith with Miss Gusstafson every Wednesday.  

Pupil quotes

I am enjoying leaning about the Stone age.-Milly

I have been practising more maths at home.-Isla

I love writing Greek myths at school!-Lola

Stars of the Week