Autumn 2018


Autumn 2018


Reception are writing cvc words and practicing their letter formation. They have enjoyed forming the letter “s”. Supertato story has been used to help with Reception’s learning. They have also been ordering the snow bears story and acting the story out. They are labeling the characters and settings of the snow bears story and practising the Christmas story while labeling angels.


In numeracy Reception have been learning about adding one more and one less than. They have been ordering numbers and using counters to make calculations. Reception have learned all about 2 d shapes and have been searching for them in their environment.


The children loved making a gingerbread experiment. In the experiment they tested what would happen if you put a gingerbread man in a bowl of cold water. It didn’t turn out well!

PE Reception

In PE they have loved doing different types of jumps and how to safely jump of apparatus also they learnt how to land safely, balance and make body shapes.


This week in ICT they enjoyed making Christmas pictures on 2simple they have also learnt what colours to use on a gingerbread man. The children really enjoy working in the ICT suite. They particularly like the painting activities.


This week in RE the children have been learning about the presentation of Jesus at the temple. They have been looking at what Advent is about and what families are. The Reception children love their families.


Next Friday Reception are going on a trip to St Bernadettes church to have a look at the lovely scenery

Pupil quotes

Annabel is going to be a big ,caring sister for the first time and its Isabella’s mums birthday this week. 

Stars of the Week

One special star of the week wass Alex because he is so kind to everyone.