Autumn 2018


Autumn 2018


This week Nursery have been working on the Hanukkah story in literacy. It sounds like a very interesting story to do with Judaism! Now nursery are enjoying the story of how much I love you! In literacy Nursery have been making letters to Santa!



In numeracy Nursery have been assessing what they know about in maths. Nursery now have fun counting up to ten! Recently Nursery have been enjoying recognising their numbers up to 5!



In art nursery have been doing creative pieces of art and in science they have been making menorahs and tasting Hanukkah food. It sounds very interesting! Nursery have been getting their hands dirty with GERMS!


Nursery have enjoyed doing fun exercises in P.E! nursery like dancing to music.



Nursery like taking photos and videos on their Ipad. No wonder they’re having fun, taking photos is awesome! Nursery still like taking photos with Ipads and won’t stop! J



Nursery are really having fun learning about Judaism. Nursery are now enjoying learning about celebrations! The children have been doing advent work and getting ready for Christmas.



Mrs Hamman, the school nurse, came in and taught Nursery how to wash their hands!