Autumn Term Liturgies 2017

Week 1
Theme: New year assembly
Word: Mt 25: 14-30
Mission: Be the best we can be!
Week 2
Theme: Be bound together by God's love
Word: Mt 18: 15-20
Mission: Welcome our Reception children into our family.
Week 3
Theme: Jesus forgives again and again
Word: Mt 18: 21-35
Mission: Say sorry and be forgiving of others.
Week 4
Theme: Be generous in sharing God's love
Word: Mt 20: 1-16
Mission: Do the right thing-be kind, be loving, share!
Week 5
Theme: Learn by our mistakes
Word: Mt 21: 28-32
Mission: Let Jesus mould and guide us to be better people.
Week 6
Theme: Love your neighbour
Word: Lk 10: 25-37
Mission: Smile, be positive and take time in your busy lives for others. 
Week 7
Theme: Love is all you need
Word: Mt 22: 34-40
Mission: Love God and others at all times.
Week 8
Theme: All Saints
Word: Mt 5: 1-12
Mission: Live like Saints - be happy even in sad times because Jesus love us!
Week 9
Theme: Christ the King
Word: Mt 25: 31-46
Mission: Serve others and remember those less fortunate than ourselves
Week 10
Theme: Stay awake, Be ready
Word: Mk 13: 33-37
Mission: Spread the message of Advent - Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Week 11
Theme: Advent - a time of preparation to welcome Jesus into our hearts and souls
Word: Mk 1: 1-18
Mission: Spread the message of Love