Autumn Term Liturgies 2018

Week 1
Theme: What makes us happy?
Word: Mt 5:1-12 The Beatitudes
Mission: Live out our school values-be the best you can be!
Week 2
Theme: Family
Mission: We belong to our school family
Week 3
Theme: Knowing your identity
Word: Mk 8:27-35
Mission: Be proud of our school identity and use Jesus to guide you
Week 4
Theme: Serving others
Word: Mk 9:30-37
Mission: Make a positive impact in our world
Week 5
Theme: Linking school vision and values
Word: Jn 8:12
Mission: Values make us stronger and more united.  Be the best you can be!
Week 6
Theme: Children
Word: Mk 10:2-16
Mission: Help children less fortunate than others
Week 7
Theme: Treasures
Word: Mk 10:17-30
Mission: Live like Saints (Oscar Romero)
Week 8
Theme: Respect
Mission: Use God's laws to show your respect for others
Week 9
Theme: The Greatest Commandment
Word: Mk 12: 28-34
Mission: Love is the way
Week 10
Theme: Do something
Word: Mt 18: 2-5
Mission: Serve others
Week 11
Theme: CAUSE
Word: Mt 25: 31-46
Mission: Bring joy to those in need this Christmas