We have a vibrant Parent & Teachers Association and all parents and extended family members are most welcome to all meetings and events.


At the AGM on Wednesday 12th September 2018 the following people were democratically elected to the committee of the PTA.


The Committee for 2018-2019


Election of committee


Chair / Vice Chair - Helen Pemberton


Treasurer - Sarah Langstaff


Secretary - Sarah Cuff


The following people are 'Supporters of the PTA' and regularly attend, support and organise various events: 


Rachael Arnold, Melanie Price, Dawn McNamara, Kay Kinson,  Laura Cutler, Carol Rodgers, Sandra Rowney, Clare Willett, Joanne Benfield.



Please contact a member of the committee or a 'Supporter of the PTA' if you are able to offer assistance. 



A PTA email account is available should you need to contact us