Primary Assessment overview


As part of the reforms to the National Curriculum, 'levels’ used to report on children’s attainment and progress was removed from July 2015.  Pupils in Year 1-6 will be assessed without Levels of Attainment.  Judgements will be made on confidence against Key Performance indicators based on expectations of a particular year group. 


Pupils in Year 1, 2 and 6 have statutory tests each year.  In Year 2 and Year 6 children will be undertake stautory assessment tests in English and Maths in May.  In Year 1 children also have a statutory test: the phonics screening in June.


The programmes of study within the new National Curriculum set out expectations at the end of each year group and key stage.  Schools have developed a curriculum relevant to their pupils that teaches this content. The curriculum includes an assessment system which enables schools to check what pupils have learned and whether they are on track to meet expectations at the end of the key stage.  Progress and attainment will still be reported regularly to parents through parental consultations and through end of year pupil reports.


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