Emotional Wellbeing -Headstart


HeadStart – giving all Middlesbrough’s children and young people the necessary support to build resilience to achieve good emotional health.


The aim of the HeadStart school programme is to make sure that children and young people are happy and enjoy their time at school. There are many things that impact on the emotional well-being of children; falling out with friends, the pressures of social media, keeping up with studies. We want all our pupils to have good emotional health, to have the skills and confidence to cope, solve problems, achieve well and be happy.

HeadStart is a whole school approach where everyone feels safe and comfortable to be themselves, learn and develop in a positive environment and access support when needed.


HeadStart services within school are:

Staff development – our staff have access to training that enables them to be able to better respond to the emotional needs of pupils.


Headstart Reach partnership – delivering support to pupils who may be struggling at an early stage to stop issues from escalating.


Transition – support offered for young people to make the move from primary to secondary as easy as possible.


HeadStarters - a training pathway for young people to develop school based projects and support the delivery of HeadStart.


Tootoot – a digital tool for pupils to self-report any issues of concern they may have is they would rather not speak in person.


Tootoot is an anonymous website for children in key stage 2. They will be able to log onto the site and tell teachers if they are worried about anything. It might not just be bullying, it could be a problem at home, or about a friend, anything at all that they are worried about. The children will be able to log in and tell teachers in complete confidence. Their messages will only come to the teachers at school. They will receive replies from a teacher 'mentor' who will also be anonymous but will try to address any worries or concerns and work with the child to solve any issues.

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Our school is committed to the HeadStart principles to allow every young person to have the best possible experience and outcomes throughout their school journey.