Fees and Procedures

Fees are £2.80 an hour and £8.40 for a full three hour session for one child and £4.80 an hour and £14.40 for the full session for two children in the family. Part hours are charged accordingly.

Fees can be paid daily as the service is used; weekly or, if paying by voucher scheme, monthly. Please inform staff of the most convenient method of payment.

If fees are outstanding after 4 weeks a short, standard reminder is issued. If parents have difficulty meeting the cost please contact the Head Teacher to come to a confidential arrangement.

We are able to support the Working Family Tax Credit / Childcare Vouchers and ask that you bring the documents into school.

Collecting children:
Please ensure a member of School’s Out staff is always informed when you or your representative collects your child from the club. This adult will need to sign the register before the child leaves the setting.

Please make sure staff are informed in advance if a different adult is to collect your child.

Unavoidable delays:
Children should be collected whenever possible by 6.00 p.m. If parents have not arrived by 6.00 p.m., 15 minutes will be allowed for traffic delays and then the staff on duty will use emergency contact telephone numbers. If staff cannot contact any of these people the staff will inform our ‘Schools Out’ Managers or the Head Teacher who will return to school to take responsibility for the children concerned.