The school's Local Management Board (LMB) is made up of foundation governors who are appointed by His Lordship the Bishop of Middlesbrough, staff representatives and Parent Governors. Parent Governors are elected by parents of the school and bring the views of the parents to the LMB, but they speak and act as individuals and have equal status in the work of the Local Management Board.

The governors meet officially twice a term to discuss the business of the school but they take a very special interest in all school activities. Minutes of the  meetings of the Local Management Board and Committees are available from the School Office.



Mrs Mary Bilous -Foundation Governor (Term of Office Expires: 05.05.20)



Mr J Shiel -Foundation Governor (Term of Office Expires: 16.10.20)


Foundation Governors:                

Mr. P. Benfield (Term of Office Expires: 02.10.21)

Mr P. Mullins (Term of Office Expires 13.03.20)

Mrs L. Brady (Term of Office Expires 02.07.21)

Mrs L. Cutler (Term of Office Expires 17.06.22)

Mr M. Wren (Term of Office Expires 17.06.22)



Head Teacher:            

Mr P Conway


Deputy Head Teacher:

Miss S Brady (Observer)


School Business Manager:        

Mrs M Day (Observer)


Staff Governor:  

Mrs L. Stoker (Term of Office Expires: 10.05.20)


Parent Governors:  

Mrs J Scott (Term of Office Expires: 23.02.20)

Mr J Willett (Term of Office Expires: 01.03.23)


Clerk to the Governors:  

Fiona Jennings (Nicholas Postgate clerk)


We are very lucky at St. Bernadette's to have the support of a very committed and dedicated group of people as our Governors.


Class Governors

The following Governors have a Class Governors responsibility.  Our Class Governors visit school regularly throughout the year.  As such they visit class and discuss children’s work. They also attend class assemblies and support with events.  


Nursery: Mrs L Brady

Reception: Mr M Wren

Year 1: Mrs L Cutler

Year 2: Mrs M Bilous

Year 3: Mr J Shiel

Year 4: Mrs J Scott

Year 5: Mr P Mullins

Year 6: Mr P Benfield



Governors with monitoring roles linked to School Improvement Plan

Each year Governors are assigned to aspects of the School Improvement Plan. Throughout the year they come to school to support, monitor and challenge how the school is developing against the annual priorities within the plan.

The Governors have areas of responsibility as follows:


Religious Education and Catholic Life of the School: Mrs L Cutler

Outcomes: Mr J Shiel

Core subjects: Mr P Benfield

Foundation subjects: Mr P Mullins

Personal Development, behaviour and welfare: Mrs J Scott

Special Educational Needs: Mrs J Scott

Sex & Relationships Education: Mrs L Cutler

Safeguarding: Mrs L Cutler

Pupil Voice: Mr M Wren

Safer Recruitment & Governor Induction: Mrs M Bilous

Health & Safety & Risk Management: Mrs M Bilous

Early Years: Mrs L Brady

ICT & Website: Mrs L Brady

Appraisal lead: Mr J Shiel

Appeals lead: Mrs M Bilous

Concerns lead: Mrs M Bilous


The full Local Management Board meet each term with a focus on Finance and Raising Achievement. 


We also have Concerns and Appeals Committees and membership is drawn from the pool of governors.

A Governor who serves on a Concern Committee may not serve on an Appeal Committee.


In the last 2 years, 3 Governors have retired from their posts held within the LMB: 

  • Mrs Mary Cobbold (Headteacher at St Bernadette's 1983-2017)
  • Monsignor Hogan (Parish Priest at St Bernadette's Church 1994-Present; Chair of Governors at St Bernadette's 1994-2017)
  • Don McCann (Foundation Governor 1994-2017)
We are grateful to them for their knowledge, understanding and commitment to the school and wish them all well. 
Monsignor Hogan continues to have an active role within school as Parish Priest.  He is a regular visitor in school and classes. He is readily available for children, staff and parents to talk with. His presence around school is another way in which we ensure that our faith is visible and lived out.
Business Interests 2018-19
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