A note of explanation from Mrs Pennick and all the ‘Mini Vinnies’


St Bernadette’s school recruit every year a group children to become ‘Mini Vinnies’. This elected group of enthusiastic and conscientious volunteers work hard in school to ‘turn concern into action’. They support the parish SVP group wherever possible.


Each year, they were commissioned at a special school assembly in the Autumn term.

They meet throughout the year to say prayers, write letters , make cards and organise special events.


Throughout the academic year they:

  • attend special Diocesan masses such as the Healing mass and the Chrism mass.

  • make Christmas cards, Get Well cards and Birthday cards for local residents and parishioners.

  • write to the local ministers about current issues, for example the Prime Minister about the refugee crisis.

  • organise a special Christmas concert for local housebound parishioners and neighbours