Spring 2018

 Spring Nursery

Lately Nursery have had a lot of new children including some called Jaxon, Hugh, Ralph, Jazmin, Layla, Felix and Heidi and have found many friends very quickly and are really enjoying Nursery so far.


This term Nursery have been learning about dinosaurs and in the class room they have got a new pet called Bob the dinosaur who interacts with the children and talks to them and walks round. The children also are able to sit on it with it moves around. Trudy really enjoys sitting on it and pretending she is a cowboy. For Valentine’s Day the children made cards where they dipped their hands in some paints and painted a little unicorn horn and then put in the middle happy valentine’s day .


Nursery are still learning about shapes and counting from one to ten which they all enjoying.

Come and see

Recently in Nursery they have been learning about Pentecost and went to a values assembly and talked about the different values and learnt what they mean. The values are; be respectful, faithful, be determined, be forgiving, be courageous, be smart, be positive, be proud, be unique and be the best you can be.     


Nursery have been doing some interesting PE lessons. They do creative lessons in PE (outside). They learn about sun safety and why it is important and that you put sun cream to keep you safe and they also learned about sun glasses and putting hats on to keep the sun of them.   


Nursery have also been learning about plants and how they grow. They have been doing it with drama and actions of how they grow.


In art Nursery have drawn or painted or stuck lovely pictures of stars and sang nursery rhymes.