Spring 2018

Spring  2018


Now reception are making dinosaur pictures in I.C.T Reception are very clever.


This week in P.E Reception are learning how to do dinosaur dances. They are better than me at dancing!! Now in P.E they have been doing animal movements to music.


The children have working out what dinosaur is the biggest and they have also been naming them. They have also been looking at fossils, making time lines, investigating a mysterious egg and also drawing dinosaurs. They are now growing cress and making bird feeders. Recently they have made Easter cards and Easter nests and Easter art.


This term Reception have been learning about symmetry, adding and taking away with number lines and they have been doubling and halving!!! Now they have been ordering numbers and measuring things. Ever since they have started to do maths they have grown in confidence. This week they are comparing heights and solving number problems. 


This week Reception have been writing sentences with connectives and they have been labelling pictures of dinosaurs and have been learning how to use capital letters and full stops. In literacy Reception have been writing about a book called The Dinosaur who pooped a planet. They have been labelling and writing captions. This week they have been sorting non-fiction and fiction books and they have also been writing the Easter story and learning new letter sounds. They are now labelling pictures and writing captions. 


Stars of the week






RECEPTION HAVE BEEN LEARNING ABOUT CELEBRATIONS AND WHAT PREISTS DO. They are now learning about the Easter story and exploring forgiveness and sacrifice.