Spring 2018

Spring Year 1


Year 1 have been learning all about superheroes. Superhero pants, is what they have been learning this week they planned for the preparations and their amazing assembly. They had a superhero day and were eating superhero food. The year 1s have had a visit from nurse Hartley!



The Year 1 children were writing a dream Giver story. In literacy they have been doing capitals letters and full stops and exclamation marks and instructions. In literacy they did some poetry and some super nurses stories.    



They were writing descriptions about Jesus in the Temple and Lent and Easter. Year 1 learned about change and turning a new leaf. They had an egg hunt for Easter! Year 1 learned about Palm Sunday. 



Year 1 have been using arrays for multiplication and learning doubles. They learnt how to use fractions. The year 1’s learned about adding and subtracting. The year 1’s used 3d and 2d shapes! Recently they were ordering numbers and counting in 2s 5s and 10s. Earlier the 1’s were investigating place value.   



The Year 1’s have been doing superhero training, balancing and jumping. Recently they were doing gymnastics and games/multiskills.



They have made clay models of heroes. Earlier they made mother’s day cards. A couple of weeks ago they made handprint pictures and Easter cards!



In Year 1 they used compasses and which way the compass points! After that week they learned about the different continents.