Spring 2018

SPRING 1 Year 4


Year Four have recently started their new topic ‘I am  a warrior’.           They have been learning about Roman life and how they stay healthy.

When it snowed, Year Four went out onto the field and built a very huge, Icy igloo that people can go into its very strong and doesn’t fall down in the wind.


In R.E they have been learning about funerals. Such as what happened to your body and how the funeral works. Year Four have also been learning about giving and receiving and how it feels to receive a gift.  


In literacy they have been learning writing a Dream Catcher story. Where the dream comes true and the children get sucked in the book. In Literacy the class have been writing instructions on how to make and design a shield  


In maths Year 4 have been learning how to solve questions in roman numerals. In maths this week Year Four have been working their socks off by learning how to solve inverse operations to check their answers.


In P.E they have been learning how to do gymnastics.


In I.C.T Year 4 have been learning how to do HTML edits. This week they have been learning about e-safety.


Year Four were drawing about Romans, making Roman shields and over Easter they made Easter cards for their friends and family.