Spring 2019

Year  6           Spring 2019


Year 6 have been writing diary entries about Robert Falcon scout and persuasive letters. This week year 6 are STILL!!! Doing persuasive letters. Poetry based on Tiger by William Blade. They have also been writing newspaper reports



Year 6 have been busy learning about decimals and fractions, comparing between the 2 and also they have been doing percentages. This week Year 6 have been learning algebra. They have been looking at algebra formulas. Now they have been doing measuring.



This term Year 6 have investigated about animals in science and human physical features of different places. They have been classifying animals and looking at topic time zones around the world. Population data analysis has been looked at and 4 and 6 figure grid references.


Year 6 have been learning Wheelchair basketball and will continue this all term. They have also been doing competitive sports.



Year 6 have been looking at App developments, e safety online/social media. There current topic is We are App planners.


Year 6 have explored The Bible and how it shapes the lives of Christians. They looked at Unity and how we can be unified. Finding sources from scripture which can influence shape lives is important for Year 6 to learn about. They have analysed the death and life from Jesus.


E-safety presentation.


Stars of the Week