Spring 2019

Year             Spring 2019


Year 5 have been researching, planning and drafting a non-chronological report about fascinating Madagascar. Year 5 have also been doing some persuasive writing about whether Pluto should be a true planet or a dwarf planet, as they all have reasons for each side of the argument. In Literacy the Year Five class have been doing their own creative narrative. Year Five have been making scary ghost stories about Acklam Hall and The Avenue of Trees.



In Numeracy Year Five have been doing arithmetic tests and lots of equivalent fractions, improper fractions and converting into mixed numbers. They have also been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and making them the same denominators by using their times table skills. This week in numeracy Y5 have being trying to master fractions. In fractions, they have been trying to add up fractions with different denominators. Also they have been adding up to three fractions. Year five have been making amazing equivalent fractions into decimals and percentages. They have also been adding and subtracting decimals in word problems.  



In Science, Year Five have been learning lots about planets and debating such as if the earth is flat or spherical. In Science and Topic they have been making and painting papier Mache planets to go on the lovely display in the classroom. This week in science Year 5 have been learning about physical and human features of our nation such as angel of the north and big ben. In Science they have been learning about what material will stop a tricycle the safest.



In PE Year Five have been giving it all they have got in their basketball skills and in dance with Miss Stacy by learning the moves to footloose. They finally finished the dance and added some of their own moves in it too. In PE year five they have being learning and preforming their own dance moves to the footloose soundtrack. Year five have been making brilliant jumps in gymnastics plus they have been practising their own skills in football and netball. In PE year five have been playing dodge ball, trying to catch people out and get their teammates back in.



They have been making their own educational games for everyone to play. They have now started to look at some algorithms to help them make their own game work properly. In ICT they have being learning about the dangers of the internet.



In RE, Year Five have been explaining Jesus’ mission, the qualities and skills you would need to have to complete the mission. This week in RE they have been learning about the mission of Jesus. Recently, Year Five have been learning about the Good Friday story and writing a letter to Mary about why Jesus got crucified. In RE year five have been learning about how Jesus rose from the dead.


Barking up the right tree and the e safety police man.

Pupil quotes

Katie loved long multiplication and also said that Mr Bourner is such a great teacher. Ellie loved trying to make her own game in the ICT suit. Joseph really liked doing maths, with Mr Bourner teaching him. Anton liked learning about Ancient Egypt and the Pharaoh’s that lived long ago.

Stars of the Week

Jack: Be Determined!

Theo: Be the best you can be!

Isabella: Be the best you can be!