Spring 2019

Year 4


Year 4 have been planning an animal story and writing mood words. Year 4 have been planning and drafting animal stories. They have also been finishing narrative stories and using self/peer assessment to edit their stories. They have also been learning about speech and conjunctions to put into their work!

Year 4 have been writing diary entries, newspaper reports and Horrid Henry style scripts! The children love story writing.


Year 4 have been multiplying 2 digit times by 1 digit numbers.

Year 4 have been doing area and fractions and it was lots of fun!

Year 4 have been continuing fraction work and deepening their vocabulary around it.

Year 4 are perfecting their fraction work and are now learning equivalent fractions! They are also learning how to add and subtract them and they find it very interesting. This week, they have started to learn about decimals and how to divide 10 and 100 to create decimals


This term the children have been doing dance and wheelchair basketball and the children are absolutely loving it!

Year 4 have started to learn about gymnastics and in it the have learned how to jump, land and turn and link movements together.

Year 4 have been finishing off their topic of wheelchair basketball!                                                                                                                                                 


 Year 4 have been using classification keys to sort types of vertebrates. Year 4 have been learning about interesting animal habitats. In the last part of this term, the children have been learning about the changing states of materials and are very interested! They have done experiments and even learned how heavy gases are!



 Year 4 have been doing coding games with scratch. They have also been doing E-safety and focusing on digital footprints with leaflets.

Year 4 are investigating how to be Meteorologists, using technology to measure data and record it in a spreadsheet.



The majority of the class have been working with one of our catechists Mrs Brady in a gorgeous reflection in a whole class collective worship. They have been exploring communities and what drives people to act in the ways that they do. Year 4 have had an excellent time making year of service posters. Year 4 have been learning about Holy week and Lent

Art and DT

Year 4 have been painting their door of service symbols with great enthusiasm!