Spring 2019


Year     3        Spring 2019


So far in literacy Year 3 have been learning about how to put main clauses and subordinate clauses into diary entries. This week Year 3 have been doing persuasive writing on why they don’t think going to school is a good idea. Year 3 have been doing adverbs, similes and metaphors ready for poetry. They have also been learning about how to write a diary entry if they were Charlie bucket, when he found the last golden ticket (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)



Year 3 have been also learning about dividing multiplying and they have been multiplying 2 digit numbers by one digit numbers. They have also been doing division with remainders and finishing times tables work. In numeracy year 3 have been doing about bar graphs surveys and interpreting data. They have also been focusing on fractions



In Year 3 they have been learning about cities in the UK and in science they are doing about the human body. Year 3 have been learning about a balanced diet and food groups. They have also been finding rivers, cities and oceans in the UK. Year 3 have been learning about map symbols and 4 figures grid reference and in topic they have been doing about muscles.


Year 3 have been swimming as fast and carefully as they can at the rainbow centre. Everybody could swim 25m.In year 3 doing tennis and basic skills.



They have also been planning in ICT an animation and designing a WYD logo. They have been doing animation.


In R.E year 3 have been doing about the epiphany/journeys. Year 3 have been listening and sharing the liturgy of the word.



Mrs Cutler came in to Year 3 and had a moment of silence liturgy.

Pupil quotes

Marija is really enjoying swimming.