Spring 2019

Year 1            Spring 2019


Year 1 enjoyed writing their own nonfiction information books about animals. They can now do descriptions of characters. They did it about Percy the Park keeper. They liked role playing Jack and the bean stalk and a lot of other things about this subject.


They loved doing addition and subtraction and they now know number bonds to ten [E.G 9+1=10].They enjoyed partitioning numbers into tens and ones.


They did a dance theme around the seasons and did team games. They did seasonal changes dancing.

Topic /science

The Year 1 class have been learning about all the seasons in the year they matched their clothes to the type of season. As you can expect, they had a great time.


The Year Ones have been discovering the topic we are collectors in ICT and had a fabulous time


The children have been discovering the topic Special People in RE and looking in the bible about God.