Spring 2019


In numeracy nursery are trying to count to ten and estimate the answer to maths questions. Nursery are doing really well learning about different types of money Such as 50p. Nursery have been enjoying estimating answers to questions.   



Nursery are doing some art about Valentine’s Day! Nursery have enjoyed a spring hunt with baby animals



Nursery have loved creating their new year’s resolutions. Nursery are now learning about are wonderful world! Nursery LOVE seeing how materials blow in the wind!


Nursery have been writing instructions about how to make cookies. They have also been practising their word sounds and writing letters.


Nursery have enjoyed dancing to the sticky kids dance routine! Nursery are doing a traditional Chinese dragon dance in memory of the year of the Chinese dragon


In ICT nursery are recording videos on the ipads. Sounds fun!


Nursery have loved doing posters about their house Saints. Nursery have loved learning about Judaism. Nursery are learning to gather together. Nursery are now learning about gathering in church.