Spring Term Liturgies 2018

Week 1
Theme: The Epiphany
Word: Mt 2: 1-12
Mission: Reach for the stars
Week 2
Theme: Make a new start
Word: John 1:35-42
Mission: Make resolutions to make the world a better place
Week 3
Theme: The importance of teaching
Word: Mark 1:21-28
Mission: Think of others who do not have the chance to go to school
Week 4
Theme: Believe
Word: Mark 1:12-15
Mission: Make a commitment to do something positive
Week 5
Theme: New beginnings
Word: Mark 9:2-10
Mission: Let your light shine during Lent
Week 6
Theme: Respect
Word: John 2:13-25
Mission: Share, love, friendship and live in the peace of God's love
Week 7
Theme: Mothering Sunday
Word: John 3: 14-21
Mission: Bring peace and joy to others
Week 8
Theme: Eternal life
Mission: Remember all those who have died and keep them in our prayers