Spring Term Liturgies 2019

Week 1
Theme: Linking our school values to scripture
Mission: Be the best you can be!
Week 2
Theme: Baptism of Our Lord
Word: Lk 3: 15-16; 21-22
Mission: Change-be inspired by Pope Francis' New Year resolutions
Week 3
Theme: World Youth Day
Word: Lk 1: 26-38 (The Annunciation)
Mission: Say 'Yes' to God's call
Week 4-5
Theme: Door of Serving
Word: Mt 25: 31-46 (Sheep and Goats)
Mission: Serve our local community groups in need and make a difference in the world
Week 6
Theme: School values (inspired by God)
Mission: Be inspired by God’s words and our school values to be the best you can be, shining in the light of Christ.