Summer 2018

Summer term


Year 6



This term Year 6 have been learning all about Mexico and the day of the dead. Year 6 have had lots of homework for this topic. Their favourite homework so far was making pan de los metros. They have been drawing pictures of the birds (finches) that Charles Darwin discovered.


Y6 have been doing some science and literacy about Charles Darwin and fossils. They have also been doing work about how animals and humans have developed and different peoples theories. Lucy thought it was interesting and great learning about different scientists.


Mrs Askins has been teaching us about fractions and bar charts. We really enjoyed it. Year 6 have been doing and practising long division.


In P.E Year 6 have been doing AP adventures with Adam and Mike. In AP adventures Year 6 have being doing den building and much more. In PE we have been developing our football skills.


In RE Year 6 have been really focussing on RE since their SATs and have welcomed it as an interesting and enjoyable subject. This week Year 6 have been looking at how babies are made and the lifecycle of a baby.


In ICT Year 6 have being designing apps and doing market research and getting feedback off all our class mates. We have also been doing are personal reports for when we leave St Bernadette’s.


General information

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