Summer 2018

Year 5…

Here is some interesting information about the Year 5 Class…

Class teacher: Mrs Pennick

Teaching assistants: Mrs Davies, Mrs Allen, Mrs Bell.

The most recent stars of the weeks are:



Year 5 have started to learn about star gazers which is about space and the solar system. They have been exploring the planets finding out amazing facts and building their very own solar systems which are very interesting. Recently they have moved onto a time travel topic about back in time and in the future. Year 5 have also started making their time machines out of boxes and different materials. They have been having a lot of fun!



In literacy, the Year 5s have been writing Royal Wedding letters since the wedding is coming up. They have enjoyed writing in formal language. Recently they have been visited by their grandparents learning about their past and when they were small. Also they have been bringing in photos about their past and sticking them around the room to make their classroom fit in with topic.


In numeracy they have been learning about decimals and fractions. Nell says “I find decimals very fun and I love the challenges I have to face on my do think and explain but especially solve.” Now Year Five have moved onto 2d shapes we have asked Chloe what she thinks and she told us “I like shapes as they are not that easy to me so I get challenged and it improves my knowledge towards shapes” in the future they will be moving onto 3d shapes. Year 5 have begun learning long multiplication and are learning more and more every day.



Their current topic is transformation which is learning about Jesus resurrection and about the fruits of the Holy Spirit and soon be moving onto learning about the qualities that Jesus showed us and try to follow him each h and every day to live as Catholics, Year Five continue to live like Jesus by performing collective worships and having class discussions In prayers and using their special prayer tree made by some class members which is used by all the class to remember special prayers and people in their lives but not only people they know but people nation-wide and about the people that really need our prayers. George says “I have loved learning to follow Jesus and live like the God I follow”


In P.E the Year 5s have been doing the AP adventures with Adam and Mike building different kinds of dens and outdoor adventures improving their outdoor nature skills. Also in year 5 they have been cricket. Year Five are enjoying PE in the nice summer weather and making different kinds of outdoor activates using the natural equipment with Adam and Mike. Joshua says “ I have really enjoyed finding out about the natural world and also working on different sports”


General information…

Recently, in St. Bernadette’s, we had a whole school talent show- The Greatest Bernie Showman. They had a really fun time showcasing their talent to the school. At the end three acts were awarded some award, here they are; Year six girls preforming the cup song won the most effort award, the best entertainment went to Joseph in Y3 for his dancing to geometry dash and then the most creative went to Lincoln for his boogieing to Michel Jackson and they all won a packet of starburst each. Great stuff!