Summer 2018

Summer Term

2018 J


Year 2 are learning about their topic “Castles - Towers-Tunnels - Turrets”! Which is all about king & queens &where they live. They went to Bolton Castle which is in Wenslaydale, Yorkshire, England and they REALLY enjoyed it.

Ava said “I like it because we got to draw detailed castles”



Year 2 along with their ICT topics have been learning basic keyboard skills


In literacy, Year 2 have been writing a diary as Rapunzel. They have also been writing about Castles and writing information texts.


For maths, Year 2 have been partitioning numbers in different ways. They also have been working out word problems in amazing ways!


In P.E, Year 2 have been practicing for sports day. After this they have been learning athletics.


Year2 are learning about treasures and objects


In year 2 they have been making pieces of art inspired by Paul Klee and they really enjoy it                                        


In science they have been learning all about marvellous materials and they were unbelievable.