Summer 2018


Summer 1


Some animals came to visit from the zoo lab and then a troll came to visit us. For topic they are making fairy gardens. Year 1 were doing ‘What am I?’ poems. This week Year 1 have been to Hamsterly forest for a school trip, which they loved. While they were there they went on a magical forest fairy walk.


In literacy they did some poetry and some super nurses stories. They wrote information books about animals. In Year One they are making fairy maps and school maps. Year 1 have been learning about Gnomeo and Juliet. They loved it!


Year 1 made cards for the birth of the church which they really enjoyed. They have been learning about Pentecost and they found it fun. They were learning about the word sorry. After they learned about saying sorry, they learned about forgiveness.


Earlier the 1s were doing place value. They were counting to a hundred and back and learning about odd and even numbers. Also they were adding and subtracting, wow a lot of maths. They did a lot of work about halves. They were halving quarters and looking at time! Year 1 have been doing multiplication in maths which was good fun.



Year 1 are doing multi skills during lessons, which they enjoyed. Year 1 have also been doing multi skills after school which they love as well as sports day practice.


In Year 1 they used compasses and which way the compass points! After that week they learned about the different continents.  



In ICT they did maths games which they found challenging. They did directions using different software packages.



They were growing sun flowers which they found very messy! Year 1 have been learning about the parts of trees. Also they were naming different common flowers!


QUOTE OF THE WEEK = (Luke) ‘PE (is my favourite subject) because of running’. He loves it of course.