Summer Term Liturgies 2019

Week 1
Theme: Happiness of Easter / Thomas' doubts 
Word: John 20: 19-31 - Doubting Thomas
Mission: Share the peace and happiness of the Risen Christ
Week 2
Theme: Good News
Word: John 21:1-19 - Follow Me
Mission: Spread the Good News of Jesus
Week 3
Theme: May is the month of Mary
Word: Various Mysteries -The Rosary
Mission: Be inspired by the life of Mary and Jesus to live how God wants us to live. 
Week 4
Theme: Inspirational people
Mission: Learn from inspirational and simple Saints such as St Bernadette
Week 5
Theme: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Word: Acts of the Apostles 2:1-11 (Pentecost)
Mission: The Spirit is with us - go out and do great things!
Week 6
Theme: Our One God is made up of 3 parts -The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
Word: John 16:12-15 (Trinity Sunday)
Mission:  Have faith in our one God; have faith in his love; have faith in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit that He will be with you to guide and protect you in all that you do